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Slow Internet, Power Cuts: Online Education A Struggle For Students

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QADIAN, 21 AUG (VERMA) – Due to the scorching heat, where unannounced power cuts are taking place, the problems of students studying online are increasing day by day due to unsatisfactory internet quality. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions have been closed since March 22 as the coronavirus epidemic is on its youth. Now August is nearing its end. But due to the non-opening of educational institutions, students are being forced to study online.

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Talking about the current situation Zeeshan Dehlvisaid “The lockdown has left a lot of us who live in towns and villages of India staring at the slow-moving fan, the buffering internet and wondering, how will we survive the lockdown?

I am sure, many people can relate to the situation that I am in. As remote education is becoming the new norm, how will students living in towns and villages cope up?

While the whole country is shifting to the learn-from-home, we are still waiting for a Google page to open up in our phones. Half of my day burns out in running with my laptop from one room to the other to find the proper network. Thanks to the new state government, the days when we had only one or two hours of electricity in a day are long behind us. But even today, at any minute we can experience a power cut with no certainty about when it will be back. How then are we supposed to catch up on the emails and scheduled lectures?”

Neha Mahajan said that due to the non-opening of schools, we are being taught online.  But Sometimes during our study session power supply cuts and sometimes the Internet network crashes, which is detrimental to our education.

Similarly, Wasim Ahmed said that he is a final year student of B.Com. He has not yet done his final year papers. He is studying online due to the closure of the college. But power cuts and the speed of the internet in and around Qadian makes him mentally disturbed. “On the one hand we are facing a lot of problems due to the coronavirus and on the other hand worried about our careers,” he said.

Anisa said that she has passed Pulse Two and has also taken admission in graduation. But to study properly we need a smooth power supply and a good internet network. She uses mobile and hotspot. But internet speed is the biggest issue for them. No web site opens. If it works, then she will have to wait a long time for the site to open. Nitika said she has received a visa to pursue higher studies in the UK. But she can’t go to the UK because of the coronavirus. That is why her college is conducting online classes. But her education is being hampered by power cuts and a poor internet network.

All these students have appealed to the Punjab Government and the Union Government that the fight against coronavirus is still a long way off. Gagandeep Singh Ginni Bhatia, Councilor, Qadian, is of the view that the government should ban power cuts. Similarly, orders should be issued for the provision of best internet services to telecom companies.


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